In-Store Now: Swoon

In-Store Now: Swoon

Mar 21, 2024Nica Alba

Zero sugar, low calorie, nothing artificial.

These are some of the hot terms that draw the eyes of health-conscious shoppers as they browse grocery shelves for their daily needs. This heightened awareness from both brands and consumers is a fantastic movement for health and wellness that should be encouraged. However, there’s the common belief to beat that a healthy diet is flavorless at best and unappetizing at its worst—and it’s not entirely unfounded. After all, the “bad stuff” to watch out for are often the same things that make your favorite snacks and drinks tantalizing and addicting.  

Living without the deliciousness that makes a treat so fulfilling is a big reason why some people opt out of the healthy lifestyle. Swoon, the zero-sugar beverage company, sets out to change exactly that by replacing classic and well-loved sugary drinks with a healthier alternative—that doesn’t sacrifice any of the sweetness. 

For Swoon, this mission is personal. One of the company’s co-founders, Jennifer Ross, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a young age and has constantly been on the lookout for sweet yet sugarless drinks ever since. Beyond diabetes, it’s a well-known fact that sugar is a cause for various health problems, and studies show that sweetened drinks are a leading source of added sugar in our diets. Sadly, her long, ongoing search has yielded little success; no doubt a sentiment many with health complications can sympathize with. 

Throughout her friendship with other co-founder, Cristina Ros Blankfein, the two had plenty of talks about this unfortunate lack of truly good drinks—in terms of both taste and healthiness—until the idea for Swoon finally materialized. “We wanted to change the idea that zero-sugar meant flavorless, or that living a healthy lifestyle meant missing out entirely.” 

Swoon, the zero-sugar beverage sets out to replace classic and well-loved sugary drinks with a healthier alternative—one that doesn’t sacrifice any of the sweetness.

Swoon is a tasty beverage that delivers the sweet indulgence you crave without the sugar. Its natural sweetness comes from monk fruit, a plant-based sweetener that rose above the rest in Ross and Blankfein’s long quest for “the best tasting, 100% natural sugar alternative” as they perfected the formula for Swoon. Even better, each can of Swoon contains nothing artificial, has only 5 calories, and fulfills 100% of your daily vitamin C requirement. It’s everything it says on the tin. 

When it comes to flavor, natural sweetness isn’t the only thing Swoon has to offer. Their flavors build on nostalgic favorites like lemonades and iced teas, complete with tasting notes that get straight to the point. Find your flavor from spicy, zingy, and refreshing Ginger Lemonade to the bright, crisp, tart notes of Swoon's Sweet Tea. They have an entire range of vibrant flavors to catch your tastebuds’ fancy.  

Their colorful cans are no less refreshing to the eyes, bringing life back to the beloved flavors of your childhood—and innovating them into healthy drinks fit for the modern era of living well. 

Restraint doesn’t have to mean losing out on life’s best moments; you’re just enjoying things differently. So go on, “live the sweet life—it’ll make you Swoon.” 

Cover photo by Hermes Singson. In-article photos by Miguel Rondilla.

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