The Baker

The Baker at Joel’s Place prides itself on freshly baked bread and high-quality handcrafted desserts that cater to every taste and occasion. Indulge in our premium pastries and decadent desserts or choose from an array of bread categories, ranging from elevated local specialties to international, gourmet, healthy, and celebratory baked goods.  

Classic favorites and new flavors come together at The Baker as our bread, pastry, and dessert selections vary from your go-to bakes to unique choices. From bakery bombs packed with delightful flavors meant to be enjoyed in one mouthful, to mini cakes, tarts, and loaves, every batch of our wonderfully made goodies is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

At The Baker, our expert artisanal bakers and pastry chefs work passionately to ensure that each item displayed on our shelves is a masterpiece of taste and presentation. Using only the finest ingredients available, we guarantee that our breads, desserts, and pastries are of high quality and flavor. Let us be a part of your everyday celebrations and special moments and visit The Baker at Joel's Place. 

The Baker Menu 

Assorted freshly baked bread available daily—visit us in store.

Cocoa Banana Cake PHP 45
Dulce De Leche Cream Cheese Cake PHP 45
Carrot Cake Bites PHP 45
Orange and Chocolate Squares PHP 45
Strawberry Shortcake PHP 55
White Chocolate Guyabano Cake PHP 55
Classic Natilla Chocolate Cake PHP 55
Yema Pastillas Cake PHP 55
Coffee & Chocolate Layer Cake PHP 55
Strawberry Basil PHP 55
Hazelnut Gianduja PHP 55
Lychee & Raspberry PHP 55
Black Forest PHP 55
Buko Pie with Streusel PHP 45
Calamansi Pie PHP 45
Banana Cream Tartlet PHP 45
Figs Pie PHP 45
Chocolate Cream Pie PHP 45
Maja Blanca Profiterole PHP 45
Caramel Cream Puff PHP 45
Mango Passion Fruit PHP 45
Buko Pandan Profiterole PHP 45
Orange Pistachio PHP 45
Chocolate Cremeux PHP 45
Cheese Eclair PHP 45
Tiramisu PHP 45
Raspberry Bliss Dust PHP 75
Malted Milk Bomb PHP 75
Strawberry & Vodka Bomb PHP 75
Passion Fruit & Rhum Bomb PHP 75
Coffee & Khalua Bomb PHP 75
Peanut Butter Cream PHP 75
Affogato Cream PHP 75
Mango Cream PHP 75
Assorted Mendiants, 24s PHP 299
Nuts Sandwich PHP 55
Brownie Sandwich PHP 55
Christmas Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing PHP 175
Christmas Jam Cookies PHP 175
Raspberry Jam Cookies PHP 175
Chocolate Coated Sugar Cookies PHP 175
Food for the Gods Biscotti PHP 175
Nutty Biscotti PHP 225
White Chocolate Cranberry Macadamia Cookies PHP 225
Champorado Crispies PHP 225
Dark Chocolate with Nuts and Dried Fruit PHP 425
Dark Chocolate Cookie with Nuts and Figs PHP 25
Banana with Crumble Loaf PHP 125
Banana Carrot Loaf PHP 125
Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Rhum Butter Glaze PHP 175
Cappuccino Loaf PHP 175
Blueberry Lemon with Streusel PHP 185
Flourless Hazelnut Loaf PHP 185
Lemon Raspberry Loaf PHP 185
Pain Au Chocolat PHP 35
Cruffin, Custard PHP 45
Cruffin, Passion Fruit PHP 45
Danish, Blueberry PHP 55
Danish, Mixed Berries PHP 75
Danish, Mushroom with Cream PHP 75
Danish, Sausage Roll PHP 95
Kouign Amann PHP 35
Cronada, Beef Bourguignon PHP 45
Cronada, Chicken PHP 45
Cronada, Pork Adobo PHP 45
Empanada, Lamb Marsala PHP 75
Empanada, Seafood PHP 55
Empanada, Vegetable Ratatouille PHP 45
Malunggay Pandesal PHP 25
Pandesal PHP 20
Malungay Pandesal, 6s PHP 72
Pandesal, 6s PHP 60
Pan De Coco PHP 30
Pan De Coco, 6s PHP 180
Spanish Bread PHP 30
Spanish Bread, 6s PHP 180
Mini Brioche PHP 35
Brioche PHP 125
Cinnamon Croissant Loaf PHP 75
Pan De Mie PHP 165
Baguette PHP 90
Baguette, Whole Wheat PHP 95
Baguette, Whole Wheat and Dried Fruit PHP 110
Baguette, Sesame PHP 95
Mini Baguette PHP 75
Batard PHP 105
Batard, Whole Wheat PHP 115
Ciabatta PHP 25
Rosemary Focaccia PHP 145
Maltese PHP 25
Maltese, Whole Wheat PHP 30
Sourdough PHP 105
Sourdough, Multigrain PHP 115
Sourdough, Whole Wheat PHP 115
Roasted Sesame Simit PHP 30
Roasted Sesame Simit, 6s PHP 180
Bagel PHP 40
Bagel, Sesame PHP 45
Bagel, Multigrain PHP 45
Bagels, 6s PHP 240
Sesame Bagels, 6s PHP 270
Multigrain Bagels, 6s PHP 270
Brazilian Cheese, 6s PHP 125
Pretzel PHP 30


We do our best to keep our published menus updated. Items and prices may change at any time without prior notice.