The Barista

The Barista at Joel’s Place is a specialty corner that offers the finest and most aromatic on-the-go coffee. We meticulously selected a wide range of coffee profiles, from the freshest and most distinctive single-origin beans to the powerful and bold notes of our specialty and house blends, to make sure that every cup is rich in flavor, aroma, and quality.

At The Barista, we strive to make the world's finest coffees to enrich our customers’ daily coffee experiences with us. Whether you're a connoisseur seeking the perfect Cortado or a Latte enthusiast in search of the creamiest milk, The Barista has something to cater to every coffee preference. 

Every cup we serve reflects our dedication to providing excellent food service and the craft of coffee. Here at Joel's Place, elevate your coffee experience and come discover the world of coffee craftsmanship one sip at a time.  

The Barista Menu

- Cold Brew PHP 150
- Cold Brew with Milk PHP 160
- Cold Brew with Oat Milk PHP 170
- Sweetened Cold Brew PHP 160
- Sweetened Cold Brew with Milk PHP 170
- Sweetened Cold Brew with Oat Milk PHP 180
- Espresso PHP 120
- Long Black PHP 145
- Cortado Dairy / Oat PHP 145 / PHP 175
- Piccolo Latte Dairy / Oat PHP 150 / PHP 180
- Latte Dairy / Oat PHP 160 / PHP 190
- Sweet Latte Dairy / Oat PHP 170 / PHP 200
- Mocha Dairy / Oat PHP 180 / PHP 210
- Mocha with Oat PHP 210
- Iced Espresso PHP 125
- Iced Long Black PHP 150
- Iced Latte Dairy / Oat PHP 165 / PHP 195
- Iced Sweet Latte Dairy / Oat PHP 175 / PHP 205
- Iced Mocha Dairy / Oat PHP 185 / PHP 215
We do our best to keep our published menus updated. Items and prices may change at any time without prior notice.