The Dairy

The Dairy at Joel’s Place proudly showcases an array of quality gourmet and healthy assortment of the best-tasting cheese, velvety butters, creamy milk, and cultured dairy products, all meticulously selected for their quality and high nutritional value. We source out these delectable products from the best producers, both locally and across the globe. 

You'll discover a variety of cheeses, ranging from the freshest and most distinctive flavors to the bold and robust notes of blue cheeses, and the luxuriously soft varieties that delicately melt in your mouth. We boast a curated selection of creamy and healthy butters, along with refreshing cow and carabao’s milk, an assortment of yogurts, and indulgent creams, providing a palate-pleasing journey for every customer. 

At The Dairy, we ensure that the finest dairy products from across the globe are available to our customers to elevate their shopping and dining experience with us. Step into The Dairy at Joel’s Place, where each product is a culinary masterpiece designed to elevate your gastronomic experience.