The Grocer

The Grocer at Joel’s Place offers a wide selection of fresh and gourmet daily food essentials, including locally sourced and international products.  

Our Fresh Grocer section features fresh fruits and vegetables proudly sourced from our Filipino farmers and partner farms, who are committed to providing the utmost quality in all their produce. The Fresh Grocer also carries imported fruits and vegetables from all over the world. If you’re looking for eggplants flown from Europe or authentic Japanese Melons, our Fresh Grocer has you covered.   

Our selection of baking and cooking ingredients, breakfast staples, confectionery, condiments, dried goods, packaged food, and beverages make up our Gourmet Grocer section. It is a haven for all who love cooking, roasting, baking or entertaining as you will find specialty items for your pantry. From sauces and seasonings, to grab-and-go snacks and chocolate, speciality honey, gluten-free, plant-based or health-conscious foods and more: our Gourmet Grocer makes it available to you. 

At The Grocer, our goal is to provide our customers with the best shopping experience that goes as far as service, quality, diversity and value. Shop your favorite items any time at The Grocer, and explore shelves full of fresh and new items only at Joel's Place.