The Butcher

The Butcher at Joel’s Place is home to an exquisite array of fine meats and premium cuts that redefine the standard of your gastronomic experience. At The Butcher, we provide customers with what is best in meat. Our finest cuts of Angus beef, Wagyu, and lamb meat boast a satisfying taste and high-quality marbling that raises the bar for your shopping and enjoyment.  

Our premium meat cuts also extend to our poultry products, where customers may savor the delectable flavors of organically-raised, free-range chickens and turkeys as well as the distinctive taste of ostrich meat. We also offer the finest pork products made from naturally-raised pigs and sourced from the best local and international producers of pork goods. 

At Joel’s Place, we aim to satisfy customers by upholding the highest standards of meat products as we source from the leading meat producers locally and across the globe. Our dedication to maintaining high-quality products involves taste, healthiness, richness, and commitment to organic integrity. Take Joel’s Place to your table and enjoy the quality of our gourmet meat.