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Eat Your Greens


Give in to your cravings and try out fun and healthy chips at Joel’s Place! Our assortment of vegetable chips boasts classic flavors like Kangkong King’s Sour Cream, BBQ, and Salted Egg made with 100% real kangkong or water spinach leaves with coconut oil. Piranha Snaps’ Oregano & Thyme and Light & Tangy Salsa are also a great option for those with gluten-free and vegan diets. It’s made with potato, rice, and pumpkin, with active prebiotics and no added preservatives. 

Also spot the all-natural and plant-based DJ&A veggie crisps on our aisles, a good source of dietary fiber with no genetically modified vegetables and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Try their Veggie Crisps for a wide variety of veggies inside or their classic Beetroot, Potato Wedges, and Sweet Potato.