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Artisan Bakes


The Baker at Joel’s Place prides itself on freshly baked bread made from only the finest ingredients available. Our expert bakers work passionately to ensure that each item displayed on our shelves is a masterpiece of taste and presentation. 

Reminiscent of local favorites, we have pandesal,—plain and malunggay—pan de coco, and Spanish bread on offer. Artisan and specialty bread varieties also abound with international classics such as baguette, ciabatta, focaccia, bagels, Brazilian cheese bread, and pretzels. Harder to find cravings can also be found at The Baker—think Maltese bread and Turkish roasted sesame simit.  Our viennoiserie is a grand display of love for bread with an assortment of croissants, Danish, empanadas, cronadas, and brioche. Enjoy all these and more at Joel’s Place.