In Store Now: Living Lettuce

In Store Now: Living Lettuce

Jan 04, 2024Vhea Paras

Among its several types, Living Lettuce stands out for its exceptional flavor and crisp texture, which elevates any dish it graces. What sets Living Lettuce apart is its unique selling point—it's sold with its roots intact, promising prolonged freshness compared to traditional cut lettuce. This innovative concept has gained immense popularity owing to its convenience and nutritional benefits. But what exactly makes this lettuce so exceptional? 

Living Lettuce holds a significant place in both the culinary world and wellness culture. Nestled within the heart of Lucban, Quezon lies a green abundance of fields where skilled farmers meticulously cultivate the finest Living Lettuce, weaving a tale of dedication and expertise. These artisans of agriculture take immense pride in nurturing, and harvesting the finest Living Lettuce, ensuring that every leaf retains its freshness and nutritional value.  

It all begins with a single seed—a tiny, potent promise of life—chosen carefully as the foundation for a successful harvest. Lucban's seasoned farmers meticulously select the finest lettuce seeds and sow them in seedling trays with sphagnum peat which are cleaner than regular soil and don't have pathogens, infections, or pests. After 14 days in the nursery, these sprouts are then transplanted into a hydro pot where they can be grown using hydroponics systems like deep water culture and nutrient film technique. These science-based farming techniques help sustain plant roots with water and nutrients required for their growth.  

The greenhouse where these Living Lettuce are kept and grown also has cloud-based programming that monitors the growth rate of the crops and the environmental conditions on the farm. While agricultural technologies help improve efficiency and output, the heart of these vibrant greens truly lies in the nurturing hands of the farmers. They practice protective cultivation to ensure that the use of harmful chemical residues, often found in other vegetables grown in the Philippines, is minimized. 

While agricultural technologies help improve efficiency and output, the heart of these vibrant greens truly lies in the nurturing hands of the farmers.

Once grown to full size, the delicate art of harvesting Living Lettuce begins at its peak, ensuring only the freshest leaves reach your plate. Employing sharp shears, they carefully cut the plants at the base, leaving room for new growth. A head of Living Lettuce, once harvested, can last up to 18 days or longer, provided the root ball remains hydrated. This commitment to quality guarantees that every bite of Living Lettuce bursts with flavor, nutrition, and the essence of local craftsmanship. 

Apart from its crisp texture and vibrant appearance, Living Lettuce is a nutritional powerhouse. Its versatility in salads, sandwiches, and various culinary creations makes it a kitchen staple, bringing nature's green goodness next to you. 

Bringing Lucban's Finest to You 

Lucban's Living Lettuce farmers are masters of creating an ideal ecosystem for their vibrant crop. When you choose Lucban's Living Lettuce, you are not just buying greens; you're supporting a community's mission and dedication to quality, sustainability, and the freshest produce imaginable. Now, the journey from the fertile fields of Lucban to your plate begins.  

Lucban's finest Living Lettuce is an invitation to a farm-fresh experience. Let this humble green adorn your table, carrying with it the story and expertise of generations of Lucban's dedicated farmers. Visit Joel’s Place and savor the essence of farm-to-table goodness through our Living Lettuce.  

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