In-Store Now: Gelato by Chef Miko

In-Store Now: Gelato by Chef Miko

Apr 12, 2024Denisse Audrey Tenorio

Indulging in a scoop of gelato is now within your reach as Gelato by Chef Miko is now scooping at Joel’s Place! With its continued effort to support local businesses and provide the best food finds for everyone, Joel’s Place is now a haven for timeless classics and exclusive and exciting gelato scoops curated by award-winning pastry chef Miko Aspiras. 

Scan through Chef Miko’s bold and distinctive creations at the display just behind The Juicer and feast on the vibrant and delectable flavors like the go-to Roasted Pistachio made with Bukidnon milk and rich Iranian pistachio or the Nocciola gelato made with Bukidnon milk, Piemonte hazelnut praline, and Maldon salt. Unique delights such as the refreshing Calamansi gelato crafted with Philippine lime curd and meringue and the Coconut Mascarpone Amarena Cherry, a blend of Fabbri cherries, coconut milk, and luscious mascarpone are great summer treats with a sweet and fruity twist.

Roasted Pistachio made with Bukidnon milk and rich Iranian pistachio.

Chef Miko has also breathed new life into nostalgic yet contemporary flavors. Take his Skramble gelato for example, made with Valrhona strawberry inspiration, velvety choc sauce, and fluffy mallows that resemble the classic Filipino frozen dessert made with shaved ice. If you’re one to love ube, his take on the Ube Basque Burnt Cheesecake is the perfect scoop if you like the creamy goodness of Bukidnon milk mixed with baked Spanish cheesecake and rich ube halaya.  

Grab a guilt-free and non-dairy treat with the Sorbetto Cioccolato made with the intense flavors of 70% Guanaja and the lusciousness of coconut. For coffee lovers, the EDSA BDG Espresso is the perfect blend of Bukidnon milk, dark matter theory espresso, and grue de cacao.

EDSA BDG Espresso, a perfect blend of Bukidnon milk, dark matter theory espresso, and grue de cacao.

Flavors like the Ice Box Cake made with homemade light chiffon butter cake, homemade chocolate sauce, and white gelato base and the Brazo Bomb made with egg custard, baked meringue pieces, and white gelato base are also available exclusively at Joel’s Place.   

You now have more reasons to drop by for a visit as Gelato by Chef Miko can now be enjoyed at Joel’s Place!

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