In Store Now: Auro Chocolate

In Store Now: Auro Chocolate

Feb 29, 2024Denisse Audrey Tenorio

Cacao’s long history in the Philippines dates back to 1670 when the first cacao trees were believed to be brought from the Acapulco-Manila Galleon Trade. Chocolate has since become part of our culture and tradition prominent in sikwhate, Cebu’s famous hot chocolate, and champorado, our sweet chocolate-flavored rice porridge.   

Cacao plays an important role in creating a distinct chocolate flavor. Its origin and cultivation and production processes greatly contribute to the flavor notes of each produced bar. A single cacao can taste fruitier, while others can be nutty. Such distinction makes chocolate a complex product. But for Auro Chocolate, it’s this complexity that provides them with a variety of unique flavor profiles to play with.  

With a vision to elevate the standards of cacao production in the Philippines, Auro Chocolate has committed themselves to provide excellence by sourcing directly from local farmers in the Davao region and creating meaningful partnerships with them. Providing the farmers with support and fair partnership not only supports their livelihood but also empowers them to continuously improve their knowledge, skills, and cultivation processes.   

From the rich agricultural communities where these cacao beans were grown, to the caring hands of the farmers who handled them and the rigorous monitoring process from tree-to-bar, Auro Chocolate’s cacao beans are guaranteed to be of the finest quality.  

Each tree bears cacao pods containing at least 30 to 40 beans, which are carefully harvested once fully ripened. Harvested beans covered in white pulp are fermented in wooden boxes for 4 to 6 days before placing them in a solar dryer to reduce moisture. Each fermented bean undergoes quality checking and sorting before roasting to enhance its flavor and eliminate bacteria. After roasting, the beans are crushed into nibs and winnowed to remove any leftover shells. These nibs will be ground until smooth and silky. Depending on the desired flavor, additional ingredients may be added during conching to improve the texture and flavor of the chocolate. It is then tempered to achieve the desired shine and snap before molding and packing. 

From the unique terroir where these cacaos are planted, to the skilled hands of the craftsmen, producing every bar of this beloved treat is proof of artistry and dedication of the team behind Auro Chocolate.

Their commitment extends to becoming more sustainable as Auro Chocolate follows sustainable and environment-friendly processes and packing. Their facility in Calamba, Laguna follows the strictest standards, equipped with the latest European technology and certifications such as HACCP and HALAL. Such excellence is reflected in their unique flavors which have gathered attention and recognition from around the world like the Academy of Chocolate (AoC), the Great Taste Award, and the International Chocolate Awards. Esteemed for its exceptional quality and flavors, Auro Chocolate also stands as one of the trusted chocolate brands by local chefs and restaurants. From classic and timeless white, dark, and milk chocolate to bold tropical flavors like Calamansi Cheesecake, Cashew Dulce, and Salted Peanut, these chocolate bars are made from sustainably sourced ingredients and only the finest cacaos in the country.  

The tree-to-bar journey of Auro Chocolate showcases the complexity yet importance of every step in creating their award-winning chocolates. From the unique terroir where these cacaos are planted, to the skilled hands of the craftsmen, producing every bar of this beloved treat is proof of artistry and dedication of the team behind Auro Chocolate.  

Indulge and enjoy the flavored varieties of Auro Chocolate at Joel’s Place.  

Cover and in-article photos by Miguel Rondilla

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