Event Recap: Sushi Bliss and Sake Harmony

Event Recap: Sushi Bliss and Sake Harmony

Mar 27, 2024Denisse Audrey Tenorio

Joel’s Place delightfully hosted Sushi Bliss and Sake Harmony last January 30, 2024, featuring a three-course sushi and sashimi dinner paired with assorted exquisite sake. The event was graced by Certified Sake Adviser, Mr. Raymond Joseph. 

Guests indulged in a delightful welcome drink of Kizakura Sparkling Piano, a perfect blend of apples and pears with a smooth and light profile that is great for a pre-dinner drink.

Embarking on a culinary expedition, the first course of the night is Assorted Sashimi and Hosomaki featuring five types of exquisite sushi like Tamago Maki, Salmon Maki, Kapa Maki with Salmon, and Buri sashimi. It was well complemented with the purity of Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai Sake enhancing the sushi’s richness and delicacy.

The night got more interesting as guests dived into four delectable nigiri: Salmon and Akaebi Nigiris with torched Salmon and Buri. It was served with a refreshing Wakame Salad paired with a glass of Masumi Kuro Junmai Ginjo to complete the well-rounded experience. 

The third and final course left guests wanting more as platters of exquisite Tuna Trinity featuring Akami, Chutoro, and Otoro were served. Spicy Salmon Maki and Kaizen Seafood Rolls also added a touch of vibrancy and intrigued the guests. It was served with the clean and crisp notes of Shicida Junmai Daiginjo, a refined sake, that beautifully complemented the richness of the sushis.

The culinary saga ended with a toast of Dassai’s exquisite sake with crisp and clean flavor notes perfect for guests to wash over their senses and mark a perfect ending to the night of unique flavors.

Experience food, culture and so much more at Joel’s Place! Stay updated through The List and watch out for our next culinary adventures!

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