New Items This Season

New Items This Season

May 30, 2024Roni Mae Serrano

This summer season, we are thrilled to announce some exciting new additions to our shelves!  

At Joel’s Place, we're always on the lookout for the freshest produce, finest meats, and most succulent seafood to elevate your food adventures. Discover and explore more of food and gastronomy, and look at this season’s new offers:

  • Salad Mixes: 
  • Feast your eyes on a wider selection of sustainably grown produce and vibrant green leafy salad mixes now available at The Grocer section. Each pack is bursting with the goodness of nature, delivering natural flavors and nourishment that ensures both your palate and the planet are well-nourished.

  • Fresh Coconut: 
  • Try our freshly cracked coconuts—straight from its shell! It’s a revitalizing and healthy beverage perfect for quenching your thirst and hydrating your body during scorching days.

  • Tayabas Bay Oysters: 
  • Hailing from the waters of Tayabas Bay, prepare to be carried away by a wave of rich and exquisite flavors of Tayabas Bay Oysters. These oysters undergo a meticulous two-day depuration process to ensure absolute purity and freshness, guaranteeing a taste like no other. These seafood treasures are available at The Fishmonger where you can experience the taste of seafood perfection.

  • Iberico Secreto: 
  • For meat lovers out there, make your way to The Butcher and discover our latest addition to our meat offerings, Spain's prized Iberico Secreto. Lovingly referred to as the “wagyu of pork,” its decadent marbling and irresistible flavor profile will leave you wanting more. Whether enjoyed simply or grilled, it's a culinary delight you won’t forget.

  • Kobe Beef: 
  • Another addition to our meat selection is Kobe Beef, renowned for its unmatched taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Enjoy it the classic way with a dash of salt and pepper or incorporate it into your favorite dishes.

  • Tomahawk Beef: 
  • Make sure not to miss out on our Tomahawk Beef, a succulent masterpiece perfect for any occasion—be it a casual steak night, an intimate dinner, or a festive family gathering.

Here at Joel’s Place, we're passionate about providing you with products that will take you on a journey to more food discoveries. Visit us in-store to explore the best of food and culture and join our newsletter—The List— for exclusive updates on our latest products and special events. 

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