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Superfood Staples


At Joel’s Place, nature’s wealth is yours. Our treasure trove of plant-based options has only the best in seeds, grains, and lentils, giving you the full benefits of their raw, nutritious power. Plus, your meals won’t just be healthy—they’ll also be filling and delicious. It’s the best of both worlds, ready for you on our shelves.

 Make the switch to Seeds of Change and their organic collection of grains as a rice or carb substitute that’s no less hearty and satisfying. Heinz offers whole, tasty meals in every flavorful pack of Plant Proteinz, with different recipes to choose from. Top things off with a sprinkle of Greenola Organic Chia Seeds over meals, desserts, and even drinks to supplement your everyday healthy diet.

Photography by Hermes Singson. Styling by Roni Mae Serrano and Janica Alba.