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Summer Cooldown


Indulge and elevate your dessert experience with Gelato by Chef Miko. Now scooping at Joel's Place, The Gelateria brings award-winning flavors and unique Philippine twists to your scoop. Discover the ultimate indulgence with The Gelateria's Love It, Obsessed, Legendary, and Exclusive Flavors collections.

Experience the creamy bliss of love it flavors like Fiore di Latte and Sorbetto Cioccolato. Become obsessed with mouthwatering treats such as Calamansi and New York Cheesecake Cookie Dough. Discover decadent allure from our legendary favorites like Roasted Pistachio and Original Basque Burnt Cheesecake. And don't miss out on our exclusive flavors, including the nostalgic Ice Box Cake and the indulgent Brazo Bomb.

With our commitment to quality and innovation, every visit to Joel’s Place promises a new adventure and a new flavor to delight the senses. Head over to Joel's Place and find your next frozen obsession! Explore The Gelateria, where happiness comes in scoops.

Photos from Gelato by Chef Miko.