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Hooked on Flavor


Seafood in a can is just as much of a delicacy as when it’s served fresh. Experience it for yourself through the collection of fine canned seafood at Joel’s Place. We offer authentic Spanish and Portuguese brands that truly capture the flavors of the sea with care and expertise, such as Angelo Parodi, Bogar, and Bela. Sample the Mediterranean’s best from sardines to mackerel and cod fish, preserved with oils and spices that complement and meld with the fish’s natural flavor.

As versatile as it is flavorful, these canned seafood can be enjoyed in many ways. Spread it on crackers or a slice of good crusty bread and nibble with cheeses and grapes for a refined afternoon snack, or keep it casually delicious in a sandwich with greens and tomatoes. Of course, it’s also a perfectly decadent meal by itself, with a squeeze of lemon for some refreshing zest to balance its savory flavors.


Photography by Miguel Rondilla. Styling by Janica Alba.