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Flavors of the Hive


Whether it’s a dash or a dollop, nature provides the sweetness you crave with good old honey. Discover the complex flavors in every jar of honey at Joel’s Place, where we’ve gathered unique and exquisite varieties that deliver more than just a dose of sugar.

From the hives of Australia, Pure Origins brings native, high-grade Manuka honey to your table. Each pot of honey is raw, cold-extracted, and packed with natural nutrients. At The Fruit Garden, French and Filipino methods and ingredients harmonize to create gourmet infusions such as truffle honey. Larry’s Honey offers a treasure trove of light and dark honey flavors. The handcrafted wooden box makes it perfect for gifting. Ogilvie boasts their own tantalizing creations, like the bold and zesty ginger honey and the delicate, aromatic notes of their vanilla bean honey.