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Eat Like a Local


Take your palate on a journey across continents and immerse yourself in a diverse array of international flavors. From the tastes of North American cuisine to those of East and Southeast Asia, we got you covered!

Kick off your food adventure with the timeless taste of House Foods Wasabi, a classic and iconic flavor hailing from Japan that's tailor-made for your sushi soirées. Journey further to the vibrant streets of Vietnam with Massel Instant Pho Cubes, a blend of aromatic spices that capture the taste of authentic Pho noodle soup. Then, take your senses away to the landscapes of Mexico with Gault’s Mexican Flavour Shots. Infusing dishes with a true taste of Mexico, this is just the perfect companion for lively Taco nights or indulgent Quesadilla feasts.

At Joel’s Place, savor the essence of global gastronomy and eat like a local from every corner of the globe.


Photography by Miguel Rondilla. Styling by Roni Mae Serrano.