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Bowl Boosters


Looking to add a gourmet touch to your salads? Whether it's a quick lunch, a dinner party, or a healthy snack craving, Joel’s Place has you covered with our selection of Salad Toppers that will take your salads from ordinary to extraordinary.

Top your healthy cravings with the goodness of Go Raw's sprouted pumpkin and sunflower seed topper, expertly seasoned to suit your palate. Try the versatile Belladotti Salad Toppers as a finishing touch for salads, roasts, and pizza toppings. These toppers include a variety of crunch, sprinkles, and super seeds, packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants. If you love croutons, complete your meal with the crunchy, beautifully seasoned organic croutons from Full Circle Market. They are created from freshly baked bread and have the ideal flavor.

Shop the healthiest and tastiest toppers, only at Joel’s Place.


Photography by Hermes Singson. Styling by Roni Mae Serrano.