What is a Grocerant?

What is a Grocerant?

Jul 11, 2024Roni Mae Serrano

The sound of shopping carts rolling over tiled floors, bustling aisles full of shoppers filling their carts with necessities, shelves being neatly organized and stocked with cans and boxes—each carefully labeled with price tags. Lights make the glass cases shine at the meat section, and vibrant fruits and vegetables dominate the produce section. By the checkout counters, you can hear the beeping of the machines, along with the occasional shuffling of paper bags being packed.

We always find grocery stores and supermarkets the most convenient way to meet our daily food needs because everything we need is there. But what happens if a grocery store also offers a range of meal options—freshly prepared dishes, quick-bite sandwiches, salad bars, and even hot food stations—under the same roof? A brand-new concept emerges and it's called a “grocerant.” 

Grocery + Restaurant 

Combining the two words "grocery" and "restaurant," Grocerant is a novel concept that unites a food service outlet and a grocery store. It is an innovative idea that turns a traditional grocery store into a culinary destination.

Aside from the usual aisles and shelves of a grocery, grocerants feature food service and dining areas where shoppers can enjoy freshly cooked meals right inside the store. The idea is, you can enjoy a gourmet meal, savor a cook-to-order steak, or have your morning coffee in the same area you buy your groceries. 

The emergence of grocerants in the retail and food service industry is rooted in ever-changing customer demands. Grocery stores began realizing the need to adjust to the changing needs and preferences of modern shoppers and the fast-paced lifestyles they all lived in. The busy lifestyle required a shift to more convenient food options and a grocerant was one way to satisfy the needs of people by giving them space to shop and dine in one convenient location. 

In various corners of the globe, the grocerant concept has become a celebrated norm, blending retail and food service together. There are iconic food destinations like Eataly, originating in Italy and expanding to Canada, London, and beyond; food havens such as Ergon House Athens in Greece; and the exquisite Italian and international gourmet offerings at La Rinascente in Milan and other Italian cities. In Australia, David Jones' food hall exemplifies this trend, offering a sophisticated array of gastronomic delights within a retail setting.

The fusion of shopping and dining experiences has captivated food enthusiasts worldwide—they have redefined the shopping experience, providing an atmosphere where food culture thrives, and customers can explore diverse flavors from around the world. 

Meet Me in Makati

As this global trend in retail and dining continues to evolve around the world, it has inspired us to bring the same refreshing concept to the Philippines designed specifically to meet the needs and lifestyle of Filipinos. Thus, Joel’s Place was born.

Through Joel’s Place, we bring people a refreshing lifestyle food concept combining modern grocery, specialty store, and restaurant—a destination where every aspect of shopping, dining, and the gift of community coexists under one roof. With Joel's Place, we hope to introduce customers to a food retail model where shopping for groceries becomes a journey of food exploration, discovery, and enjoyment. 

Our vision is to create a space where you can meet, shop, and eat without the need to travel between different locations. Explore our grocery sections: The Butcher, offering premium cuts and fine meats; The Fishmonger, showcasing the ocean’s bounty; The Grocer, providing fresh and gourmet daily essentials; and The Sommelier, featuring a curated selection of spirits and wines.

Try our food service stations: The Deli, a go-to destination for ready-to-eat meals and culinary exploration; The Barista, a specialty corner of good coffee; The Juicer, offering  expertly crafted concoctions and wellness shots of fresh fruit and vegetables; and The Baker, for freshly baked bread and high-quality, handcrafted desserts.

Picture yourself effortlessly checking off your grocery list while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee you picked up moments ago or choose from an array of ready-to-eat meals after finishing at the checkout counter. Whether you’re grabbing essentials or treating yourself to a culinary experience, Joel’s Place brings this vision to life.

Here at Joel’s Place, it's more than just a place to shop; it's a destination where food meets lifestyle, culture, and community—and a place where good food meets great taste. 

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